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Where has summer gone?

Where has summer gone? I mean it was just here, running on the trail beside me! It was on the paddleboard! Those long, languid days. They were JUST here. 

Is it just me or does summer seem particularly short this year? Is it because we aren’t entirely back to normal, or we don’t even know what our new normal will be? 

It is hard to live in the moment. We are waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

But that feeling of dread is so draining. It’s hard on us. Can we just agree that we will spend the rest of August in true summer mode? Not worrying too much about what the Fall will bring?

That’s where self-care comes in.  

Browse through this website and take a look at all of the natural, calming, and soothing skincare products. Pick a nice face oil, or a mask (not a COVID mask!).

Pour some tea and pamper yourself.

Or pick a hydrating sunscreen and get outside!

Let’s revel in what’s left of Summer! It’s all good.