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Self-Love, Self-Care and Loss

Many of you know that I recently lost my Dad. It has been a really difficult time for our very close, very small family. We have endured a life changing loss.

Normally, curating Korean skincare for Sharon Lee's Best clients brings me so much joy. But it has been hard bouncing back. Leaning into my self-care practices, like running, yoga or a pampering skincare routine haven’t been working - grief shows up like an unwanted party guest and throws me off balance. I’ve become frustrated at my own inability to move forward.

I was telling this to a friend of mine and she said "why do you feel you have to be productive all the time? Why aren't you being kinder to yourself?” And I realized she was on to something - none of my self-care was really about meeting myself where I was. I have been on auto-pilot - checking off the “self-care box” -- so I can get back to my "real" work.

So I am pulling back. Scheduling less, feeling more. Buying more tulips. Having a good cry even if it is in Loblaws! Letting myself off of the “productivity” hook. Letting sadness and grief show up, so their hold over me can gradually fade. 

Tonight, I am watching the first episode of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, because I love Donald Glover. I have applied my favourite pampering skincare routine, am wearing my nicest slippers and am snuggling with the cat.

Let the healing begin.


Sharon Lee