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Cold weather doing a number on your skin?

With winter full on, your skin needs more protection. 

Toronto is cold! Saskatchewan is colder! When temperatures dip, your skin suffers. And cold air plus higher indoor heating is the one-two punch that creates dry, flaky, itchy skin.

So, what to do? Here is my BEST advice to winterize your skin:

Buy a humidifier - Yes, that weird contraption that your Mom put in the corner of your bedroom when you were sick can also help soothe dry skin. Remember to change the water regularly to prevent germs from circulating.

Layer on the hydration - If your skin is dry, your instinct may be to cut back on products, but keeping a hydrating toner, essence or serum in your routine will help. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid which holds 1,000 times its own weight in moisture, and binds itself to skin. Honey and bee propolis extract also quench thirsty skin.

Seek out soothing ingredients - South Korean skincare is formulated with calming and soothing natural ingredients, which can really help skin in colder, dryer weather. Ingredients like centella asiatica, or cica, calms irritated skin and reduces redness (tigers roll in it to heal wounds). Mugwort extract or calming Vitamin B5/Panthenol add moisture and reduce inflammation. 

Amp up your moisturizer - Applying a heavier moisturizer in winter does help, but works best layered over a hydrating toner > essence > serum. Look for emollients like shea butter or jojoba oil to build up skin’s protective barrier. Your moisturizer  ‘locks in' all the goodness you've added to your skin with previous steps. (Shop moisturizers)

Wear sunscreen! The sun’s rays are weaker in the winter, but can still dry out and damage skin, even when streaming through windows. Plus beware the blue light from your tech devices! 

Contact Sharon Lee for help with your winter skin!