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How Sharon Lee Does Winter Skincare

I love December. Seeing friends! (virtually)...Parties! (well, no)...cozy nights in front of the fire and first snowfall! At least we still have that....

Although we are still in a pandemic, one thing doesn’t change - the need to switch up our skincare routine to guard against cooler weather and drying indoor heat.

I recommend the following, for glowing winter skin:

Use a Hydrating Essence -  Winter is a good time to add a hydrating essence, which your skin will drink up in cooler and drier weather. I like to use watery essences that I can layer on according to my skin’s needs. Like MISSHA Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, or NEOGEN Dermology Micro Ferment Essence. These fermented liquids sink into your skin and plump it up, enabling it to withstand cooler temperatures and less humidity.

Add a Vitamin C Serum - Vitamin C is a spectacular anti-oxidant for skin health. It tackles dullness and discolouration from too much sun and generally brightens skin. NEOGEN’s Dermology Real Vita C serum is an excellent choice. 

Use Hyaluronic Acid - Add products that include this skin loving ingredient, which holds 1,000 times its own weight in moisture. COSRX Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule is a very effective hydrating serum that rivals many more expensive ones. Dont forget to lock it in with a moisturizer so it doesn’t evaporate and can do its job. 

Try a thicker moisturizer - Switching from a water-based or gel moisturizer to one with a little more oomph is a good idea. Think Swanicoco Stem Cell Radiance cream, which is pudding-like and includes soothing ingredients like fermented ginseng root and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which improves skin elasticity. It sinks deeply into skin to combat cooler temperatures. 

Ease up on exfoliation - You need to exfoliate year-round, but as the weather cools down and humidity decreases, exfoliating too often or with harsh products will weaken your skin’s natural barrier. Try something gentle, like Be the Skin Non-Stimulus Face Polisher, or Pyunkang Yul Peeling gel. Or a gentle chemical exfoliant, like NEOGEN Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Pads

Consider a Face Oil - Winter is a perfect time to introduce a face oil, which is a nice alternative to a serum or serum moisturizer combined. Try Urang Brightening Blue Oil Serum which is terrific for moisturizing and soothing skin. This natural oil only includes four ingredients - such as green tea and camomile flower oil. A natural product that erases damage. Perfect!

Up the eye cream - The delicate skin around your eyes needs more protection in colder weather. As well, indoor heat will also dry out this sensitive area. Elensilia-CPP Lux Repair Eye Cream and COSRX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream are both deeply hydrating and protecting. Or try a wonderful eye mask to plump up your peepers, such as Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patches

This is winter skincare done right! Enjoy.