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It's always a perfect day for a sheet mask!

Happy Valentine’s Day, BEST-ies! Let's celebrate this day of love with a little self-love. If sheet masks are not already part of your most pampering, most indulgent skincare routine, I'm here to say they should be.
What is a sheet mask?
Originating from South Korea and Japan, sheet masks are face-shaped, paper-like little sheets that are drenched in serums. Once found only in spas, sheet masks are now everywhere you find good quality skincare products, so we can finally use them at home. 
How do you apply a sheet mask?
Each mask is individually wrapped to be used once. Thoroughly clean your skin and apply toner to ensure it is prepped to absorb the serum. Then simply place the mask in position over your face, press it down against your skin and leave on for approximately 20-30 minutes.
How do they work?
The sheet's role is to prevent quick evaporation of the serum, allowing it to be absorbed more deeply than the serum products you use in your daily routine.
The fun part is choosing which one you want to use. There are literally thousands of sheet masks available to address every possible skincare need, such as dryness, elasticity, wrinkles, redness and sensitivity.
What ingredients are in a sheet mask?
It depends on the mask's purpose:
  • Hydration masks may include hyaluronic acid.
  • Brightening masks may contain Vitamin C or E or Niacinamide.
  • Moisturizing masks may contain adenosine or jojoba oil.
  • Oil reduction masks may include tea tree oil or charcoal.
  • Irritation-soothing masks probably include mugwort (cica) or aloe vera.
  • Anti-aging sheet masks often include collagen, which helps skin stay firm as you age
When should I use a sheet mask?
Literally anytime, anywhere! I like to use them at night as a wind-down ritual before sleep. They are also great to use before a big event (if we ever get to go anywhere again), to plump up and hydrate skin to help you look your youthful best. I have even seen people apply them during long airplane flights to guard against dehydration. 
What is Sharon Lee's BEST advice for choosing a sheet mask?
My favourite sheet masks come from MEDIHEAL, a South Korean skincare company known for its great serum and sheet mask formulations. MEDIHEAL masks often include an extra dose of serum in a separate section of the pouch for you to apply after you remove the mask, for additional benefits. Plus, MEDIHEAL sheets are made of cellulose, which cling to skin more easily than those made with cotton or paper, so that the serum can penetrate more deeply.
You can order MEDIHEAL masks here.
So, BEST-ies, pour yourself a glass of wine or a nice herbal tea, put on your comfiest slippers and ENJOY!!
XXOO Sharon Lee