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Enjoy the Fall Bounty of Skincare at SLB!

The arrival of fall brings subtle changes to your skin. The onset of cooler, drier weather - and certainly the addition of indoor heat - means it's time to make a few adjustments to your routine.

Happily, Sharon Lee's BEST has just received a shipment of fantastic new products that we've now added to our store. Read on for a description of my favourites.

What's my Best advice for fall skincare?

The first change to make this time of year is to swap out your light summer moisturizer for one that is a little heavier. The point here is to add protection for your skin's natural barrier, the outer layer of cells that is its main line of defense. I look for products with healing ingredients like antioxidants, natural protein peptides and ceramides.

My most pleasant discovery this season has been Olivarrier's Comfort Barrier Cream. It has the WOW factor - it instantly soothes my skin when it has been irritated by bike rides in cooler and windier weather and indoor heat. With nurturing ingredients like shea butter and squalane - plus it fades dark spots left by summer sun! Holy Grail status! 

Swanicoco Peptine Biome Cream, is another great new product at SLB - with six types of peptides that help refine lines and wrinkles and fermented ingredients to deeply penetrate and protect the skin barrier. 

Trustworthy protection for cooler weather comes from the new Dr. Cereucle Vegan Kombucha essence and moisturizer combo. These products use fermented black tea and antioxidants from green tea to heal UV damage, bringing elasticity and firmness back to your skin. 

Or try Make P:rem Safe Me Relief Moisture Creama deeply soothing formulation with a pH level of 5.5 to match skin's natural acidity, so you get maximum hydration and protection for cooler weather with minimal clean ingredients. I often use this as a night cream. It's as thick and comforting as a Hudson Bay blanket!

Another way to keep your skin happy in the fall is to add a face oil, like Urang Vitamin Oil SerumAdd a drop or two to your moisturizer or warm a few drops in your hands, then pat and press on to your face. Bliss!

Even oily/combination skin needs extra moisture and hydration with the onset of cooler weather. Try Isntree Fresh Green Tea Serum (notice a pattern of products made from green or black tea??). This serum hydrates without oiliness, a bonus for anyone prone to breakouts. 

Need more info? I am here for you! Contact me please! 


Sharon Lee